What I eat in a day! (When I am working from home)

This idea was inspired by the popular ‘What I eat in a day’ videos on YouTube. I thought it would be nice to share a blog post showing you everything I eat in one day. I have been wanting to write this for ages now but I always forget to document everything that I have eaten. Furthermore, the post I am showing you today is different to what I would eat when I am at university, if I am going to the gym, if it is the weekend or depending on what mood I am in! My diet varies day-to-day so this is just a snapshot of what I ate yesterday. Enjoy!


Breakfast: To start the day, I had a black forest fruit smoothie. The recipe for this can be found in my previous smoothie post. Honestly, for the past year, I have been absolutely obsessed with having a smoothie for my breakfast. It is so quick, easy and most importantly delicious! Also, I love starting the day with a meal which is oat or fruit based so this is perfect to kick-start my morning. Accompanying this, I have a large mug of green tea to hydrate me. In the morning, I try to drink at least two cups before it is lunch time. Sometimes, I manage three! I absolutely love green tea, it is definitely an essential in my diet.


Lunch: This is the meal that I always find quite tricky to find something which is not too heavy but also equally as filling. Being at home is a lot easier because you can be a little more creative than you can if you were preparing a packed lunch. Yesterday I had a very random but really enjoyable lunch consisting of a fried egg, avocado, beans and fried mushrooms. This was perfect because it was light, fairly healthy and meant that I used up items which needed to be eaten before it went off. Furthermore, this dish is fairly inexpensive to make and ensures that food isn’t wasted so I was very pleased with this spontaneous creation. As you can see here, I also have another cup of green tea. It is so important to make sure you are drinking lots of fluids, this is why I always make sure I have some water or a cup of tea with every meal. Alongside this, I try to drink at least two litres of water everyday! Some days I am not able to achieve this but every day I try my best.

Snack: Between having lunch and dinner, I ate a bowl of tomato soup. I love having soup in the cupboards because it means I can snack but not anything too stodgy that it will ruin my dinner.


Dinner: This evening, I ate really late. I had dinner at 10pm! This is extremely late for me because I normally eat around 5-6pm. The reason why I had dinner so late is because I had a (very) long bath and was relaxing after a hectic week. I couldn’t be bothered to cook but I was starving so I rustled up this dish in about five minutes! This meal is simply a packet mix of Mexican rice (normally I would make my own rice but this is great for occasions that I need to make something quick), two tins of sardines in tomato sauce and a simple side salad of spinach, red onion and cherry tomatoes!


  • Put the sardines with the tomato sauce in a sauce pan and cook until sizzling.
  • Heat the rice for 2 minutes.
  • Whilst both are cooking, make the side salad.

This meal is slowly becoming one of my favourite dishes because it is both nutritious, light, filling and cheap! Sardines are very inexpensive (especially if you buy the value packets), the packet rice is less than one pound and the salad ingredients is cheap too! I am making more of an effort to have oily fish in my diet because the health benefits are amazing! Therefore, when I’m ravenous and need a quick hot meal, this is what I choose!

I hope you enjoyed this post. If you would like to see more posts like this. Please comment below!


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