Revision Fuel


A few days ago I finished my last assignment of last term, hallelujah! I thought I would share with you what was my go-to meal for refuelling and giving me the energy to plough on with my work. It is a little random, but I really enjoyed it!

This is a another bowl of goodness containing sweet potato, roasted carrots, a vegetable quinoa mix (peppers, onion) and a leafy green salad mix!

I found I kept eating this time and time again because it was quick, easy and kept me full for a long period of time without feel heavy or bloated. I made a large batch of the quinoa and stored it in the fridge so all I had to do was prep the carrots and roast it at the same time as the sweet potato! There is minimal washing up to do which is even better!

I love easy, inexpensive meals that require minimal effort but are still providing your body with fresh, wholesome nutrition. I know when the work begins to pile up and I have no motivation to cook, I will be returning back to this.


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