DIY Roast Dinner


Apologies for the absence! The workload has really piled on over last few weeks. I have been trying to juggle university work as well as trying to find work experience and applying for graduate internships! It has been absolutely crazy. As it’s my final year, I may not be able to post as often as I have done in the past. But, I will post as often as I can! Thank you for reading so far and I hope you continue to enjoy my upcoming content, although, sporadic it may be!

Today I thought I would share with you an idea for a DIY Roast Dinner. In the UK it is a tradition to enjoy a Sunday Roast. However, these roast dinners take a long time to cook and can be quite expensive! For the average working person whether it be a student, professional, parent etc there is not a lot of time to make your own roast and sometimes, its a little expensive to go out for a roast every week. Therefore, I thought I would show you an alternative or make-shift roast dinner which is quick, easy, inexpensive but delicious!

My DIY roast dinner consists of a lamb shank in minted gravy, new potatoes and a handful of tenderstem broccoli. Both the lamb shank and and the broccoli I found lying around in Tesco’s reduced section. The meat was reduced from £3.75 to £2.35 which I thought was a reasonable price. However, the broccoli was the best deal as it was £2.00 reduced to fourteen pence! I couldn’t believe it myself. Whilst I was having a rummage, I did find some sandwiches for around the same price mark too which I had today for my lunch. As you can tell, I LOVE a bargain. The new potatoes were already sitting in my cupboard but they cost a mere £1 for a large bag which has lasted me many meals.

The lamb shanks were already in the gravy so all I had to do was roast both the legs of lamb in the gravy for 30 minutes. During that time, I boiled the new potatoes and steamed my broccoli. And that is literally it. Quick, easy and simple! The lamb was beautiful as it was a good sized portion, tender and fell off the bone. The gravy was fantastic too. It just added a little sweetness and wetness combining all the components together. Finally, this meal is a lot healthier than the average roast dinner!

I hope this gives you inspiration to make your own roast dinner instead of going to the local pub for one. Sundays are the typical “cheat day” so don’t be afraid to use pre-cooked items to make the cooking process a little easier for you!

Best wishes,



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