Breakfast: Homemade Granola, Apple Sauce, Natural Yogurt and Raspberries


Leading on from my last post, I made a quick, nutritious and hearty breakfast using the Naomi Smart granola. This breakfast involved absolutely no cooking and literally took  minutes to make! At the moment I am really enjoying prepping my meals; especially breakfast. This is the meal that I am most likely to sacrifice on a busy working day but it is my favourite meal and the best meal of the day, so, prepping beforehand has become a crucial step in my weekend or evening routine to ensure that this meal is never missed!

Naomi Smart’s granola is the first homemade granola I have tried. The oats makes the granola filling whilst the nuts add crunch and then the dried fruit adds sweetness. The maple running through the mixture brings another subtle kick of sweetness; satisfying my sweet tooth! I am still amazed by how easy it was to make and how good it tastes! Look back at my previous post to see how the granola is made.

How to make it this breakfast:

  • I spooned approximately four or five tablespoons of homemade granola, then added a few tablespoons of low-fat natural yogurt, topped this with a few tablespoons of apple sauce and finally defrosted a small handful of raspberries (alternatively, you can use fresh fruit if you would prefer) and that is it! Simple!

I am obsessed with apple sauce at the moment, it is so versatile! I have literally been adding dollops to EVERYTHING. From my porridge, granola, chia pudding in the morning to my smoothies, and then savoury roast dinners in the evening. It has made my meals and snacks far more exciting to eat!

Finally, this breakfast idea is another transitional meal from Autumn to Winter. If you find it is still a little warm to eat a warming bowl of porridge or oatmeal then I would recommend trying this! Like the apple sauce, granola is so adaptable. There are numerous ways you can enjoy it!

What is your favourite breakfast at the moment?

Best wishes,



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