Breakfast: Chia Pudding, Apple Sauce and Raspberries

Good evening!

If you read my previous post, you will know that I made my own apple sauce to spruce up my breakfasts in the morning. I got this idea after scrolling through ‘TheAnnaEdit’s’ blog and coming across her post all about healthy breakfast ideas.

Anna uses her apple sauce to accompany her ‘Bircher Museli’. ( I also wanted to try making this for myself but I unfortunately didn’t have the right ingredients. I made a huge batch of Chia pudding instead which has been a firm favourite of mine over the summer. To make the Chia pudding, I used the basis of the Bircher Museli recipe (the almond milk, oats and yogurt) and added about 5 tablespoons of Chia seeds and a few tablespoons of honey to the mix. In a Tupperware container I mixed the ingredients together and left to set in the fridge.

Because the apple sauce and Chia pudding had been prepped the night before it saves me a huge amount of time making breakfast! In the morning, I took as much of the Chia pudding and apple sauce I desired, placed it in a bowl, added a spoonful of Linseed Mix ( and then topped it off with some defrosted raspberries!

If you’re not a lover of breakfast in the morning, this is still a great breakfast to try because you can prep your individual breakfast to take to work or school each day (provided you are able to store it in a cool dry place)! Therefore, you also can start your day with the fuel you need!

Honestly, prepping my breakfast has been a revelation! I can’t see myself ever cooking breakfast again! Moreover, using the summery Chia pudding with the autumnal apple sauce makes a great transitional breakfast to gently ease me into the Autumn/ Winter season.

This apple sauce is brilliant and really spices up your breakfast. It is a great sauce to accompany desserts, pork dishes, snacks as well as breakfast. Also, if you have babies or toddlers who eat liquid food, this would be a great snack or treat for them too! Its a great recipe for busy parents because it takes very little time, effort and has no artificial preservatives and sweeteners. This breakfast is made up of healthy, natural, homemade goodness!

I hope this recipes gives you that extra time needed to enjoy a substantial breakfast in the morning!

Best wishes,



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