Homemade Apple Sauce

Good evening!

This weekend I stumbled upon some cooking apples being sold in the local market. I saw a blog post written by a Youtuber, Vlogger and Blogger ‘TheAnnaEdit’ and for a long time now I have been wanting to try some of her healthy breakfast ideas for myself because they look so simple, easy and delicious! Anna’s idea of breakfast in the morning is a meal which is nutritious, filling and quick to prepare… That is the kind of breakfast I definitely crave! I find, no matter how early I wake up in the mornings, I always seems t be running late and to make sure I leave the house on time it is always breakfast which is sacrificed. I hate missing breakfast, as its my favourite meal of the day and I find I cannot start my day properly without it. Anna has shared some fantastic breakfast ideas which are made purely on preparation therefore she has resolved my issue of missing breakfast because her recipes take literally minutes to assemble and then its ready to eat! I highly recommend checking her blog out if you have a spare few minutes because she writes beautiful and all of her posts are very insightful and so positive!

Here is the link to the blog post I used to make Anna’s apple sauce:

The Apple Sauce Recipe: My Favourite Sweet Stuff ‘Topper’

Instead of using the juice and zest of an orange as Anna does, I used a lime which I felt added the same citrus kick as an orange would. I also added a dash of maple syrup to sweeten up the mixture. Once the apples had stewed, like Anna suggested, I placed it into a blender to achieve a smooth consistency. I had to add a little water to the apple sauce to help my ‘Kenwood Smoothie maker’ blend the mixture but, with a proper food processor or liquidiser you shouldn’t have that problem.

My first attempt was a success and I will definitely be using this recipe again as it is very quick and easy to make. Furthermore, this recipe makes a lot! It filled a 500g jar as well as the jar which is featured so I won’t have to make another batch for at least a week! Anna suggests to have the sauce cold with your breakfast, however you can eat either hot or cold depending on what you fancy! If I have a little more time to have breakfast I may spoon a little into my porridge or just heat some up to have with some granola!

During the making of the apple sauce, it made me think of the upcoming apple pies, crumbles and roast pork with apple sauce I will soon be devouring as we get closer to Christmas! Now that I know how to make my own apple filling and sauce; I am even more excited to begin cooking my own desserts and roast dinners!

I will be following up this post with the breakfast I made using the apple sauce so keep your eyes peeled for that!

Best wishes,



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