Homemade Chicken Katsu Curry


Wagamama is a huge Japanese inspired restaurant in the UK. In one of my earlier blog posts ( called ‘Wagamama Date’) I have talked about the Seafood Ramen which is a firm favourite of mine. However, today I am going to be sharing with you a homemade dish which replicates the notorious ‘Chicken Katsu Curry’ which Wagamama is best known for. The ‘Katsu Curry’ is the most popular dish on the menu and my friends and I are obsessed with it! Our university main campus and library is about 10 minutes walk from our nearest restaurant and it also is in view! I often catch myself daydreaming about Wagamama cuisine when I should be staring at a computer screen furiously typing away!

I can’t actually take all of the credit for the making of this dish because it was actually my friend who initially found a recipe and made it before! We were both craving a Wagamama after a long session in the library but couldn’t really justify spending our money on it so she kindly invited me round to make our own Katsu Curry! This is the online recipe that we used:


Honestly, I was apprehensive at first as to how good this homemade version was going to taste because the ingredients needed were very simple  (I thought that it would require some obscure herbs and spices). However, I was pleasantly surprised! The ingredients were accessible (all supplied in your local supermarket) and the method was relatively simple too! Furthermore, the sauce doesn’t look particularly healthy but it is! Therefore I would argue that this recipe is probably a lot healthier than the Katsu Curry served in the restaurant itself.

My friend made the sauce whilst I breaded the chicken. Instead of bought breadcrumbs we used bread which had been crushed in a blender. This worked really well as it made the outer coating crispy and filling like the fried chicken in the Wagamama Katsu Curry! We accompanied the chicken and sauce with a bowl of sticky white rice. This recipe states that it serves four, however, both my friend and I demolished almost the whole thing- oops! It was definitely a hearty and wholesome meal and I can see this being made a lot especially as we progress into winter (and as my student loan begins to dwindle!).

This recipe took no longer than an hour to prepare and cook. If you’re a Wagamama fan and a Katsu Curry lover like I am then I would highly recommend trying this recipe! I couldn’t believe how similar in taste (and look) the result was! Personally, I would add a hint more chilli next time to give a little more kick to the sauce but other than that, it was DELICIOUS. I think this is one of my favourite meals I have made/ helped to make this year and I cannot wait to make it for my partner and family!

What is your favourite meal at Wagamama? If so, are there any homemade recipes you would like me to try or have tried yourself?

Best wishes,




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