Chorizo and Mushroom Risotto

Good evening!

This post is a bit of a throwback as I made it at the end of August, but I wanted to share it with you because it was one of my favourite meals that I have made this year and a personal cookery accomplishment. I have always wanted to try making a Risotto but I have always presumed that the recipe would be too complicated for my amateur skills. However, I tried it and it was a surprising success! From my experience, I found that the most important aspects to making the dish is; a) you must have to time to watch the mixture and b) you must constantly stir the mixture. The dish is definitely “made with love”!

To make the risotto I  found a recipe which suited the ingredients that I already had in my kitchen cupboards. This is how I came up with the combination of Chorizo and mushroom (although I know this is not an original recipe). To my surprise, all the recipes I looked at were almost the same. They all required very basic ingredients. I concluded that if I made the dish well, I could easily make risotto when ingredients such as vegetables, fish or meat are in need of using up!

After standing over the hot stove  for at least 45 minutes. I can assure you that my face was a similar shade of beetroot, but, I thought I made a pretty decent attempt at my first risotto! I sprinkled on lots of Parmesan cheese and made a simple spinach salad to accompany the dish. Both my partner and I loved it and frequently scolded our mouths eating it too quickly!

Seriously, risotto is so easy, filling and very versatile! After my unexpected success I believe that anyone can make this dish! Naomi Smart makes a plant based risotto in her cookbook so I am interested to attempt that in the future.

Let me know if you have made tried making a risotto! And, what do you think to a plant-based risotto?

Best wishes,



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