Traditional Czech Goulash


From Sunday to Wednesday I had a quick trip abroad to one of my favourite cities; Prague. I had a another fantastic time exploring the city and consuming lots of good food and drink!

After spending the morning, sightseeing around the Castle District. We stopped for some lunch at a restaurant overlooking the longest river in the Czech Republic; the Vltava. The views were breathtaking! We could see across to the castle district and had an excellent view of the famous Charles Bridge. Interestingly, the table we sat at was next to the statue of a famous Czech composer who composed a famous piece of music inspired by the river. Although, we didn’t know this until we went on a boat tour along the river the following day!

For lunch I had a traditional goulash because whenever I am visiting a foreign country, I always like to indulge and immerse myself in the local cuisine. On the menu it didn’t state what the goulash would be so it was a bit of a risk however it was a risk worth taking!

The goulash was delicious! It was a chicken broth packed with shredded chicken, soft potatoes, red onions and other tasty ingredients! It was very light, extremely flavour-some and comforting. I would gladly have something similar during the winter! Also, I loved the presentation of the goulash being plated in the bread! It meant that I got to indulge in a combination of textures. The top and crust of the bread was crunchy which softened as i dipped it into the bowl of soup. Then I got to experience a softer texture where the flesh of the bread had soaked up the goulash juices and had become quite mushy. This sounds disgusting but it was lovely because the flesh just fell away from the crust of the bread bowl and added a little stodgy-ness to the soup satisfying my hunger.

I would definitely have that meal again and this has inspired me to try something similar to satisfy by winter cravings!

Best wishes,



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