Chicken and Chorizo Casserole

Good evening!

On Wednesday evening, after a long peaceful walk through the fields near my home, my partner and I stumbled across a local pub of mine which is one of my favourites to go to. Although, I only go for a special occasion! You may be wondering what that particular occasion was… Well, my partner and I were firstly celebrating our end of year results and secondly, we were celebrating our anniversary!

I was ravenous after an afternoon of strolling across the countryside and was very lucky that a table was free! This restaurant is a “posh” pub located near the river and serves the hearty and wholesome food I crave after a tiring day! After much deliberation, I treated myself to a small glass of white wine and this chicken and chorizo casserole! I have never had casserole before and I have certainly never ordered it in a restaurant so this choice was a little risky. Luckily for me, I really really enjoyed it! The chicken and chorizo were soft and melted in your mouth. It was accompanied by a thick tomato and herb sauce and two crumbly, moist dumplings! Surprisingly, it was very filling and comforting! Just what I needed to prepare me for the twenty-minute walk home in the rain!

What restaurant meal have you recently enjoyed?

Best wishes,



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