Tanya Burr’s Lemon Tart

Hello everyone!

Since the university academic year has finished, I have found myself having a little more free time. So, I have begun to rekindle my love for baking again! I am one of the many people to follow the YouTube star Tanya Burr who recently released her first baking book. As soon as the book was reduced to half price on Amazon I couldn’t help treating myself and I have no regrets! I am obsessed!

This is the first recipe from her book I tried. I chose this recipe because it did not require many ingredients and seemed fairly simple. Furthermore, this is one of my partner’s favourite desserts so he was delegated the role of lemon tart taster!

The only criticism I would have about the recipes in the book are that they heavily rely on the baker having an electric whisk. As a student, I do not have one of these and will not be having one for the foreseeable future. Therefore, it would be ideal if there were some guidance or advice included in the recipe instructions on how to create the same result using a non-electrical utensils such as a hand whisk.

Anyway, I persevered with the recipe regardless of the instruction to use an electric whisk. It took a little longer to make the pastry and I often had to use my hands to combine the mixture together but I managed to make an edible base! Moreover, the recipe instructed to use baking beans to blind bake the pastry case for 10 minutes. Instead of buying baking beans, I used dry rice! This worked perfectly and meant the costs to make the tart were low.

The filling also required using a hand whisk, instead, I simply whisked the creamy, lemony mixture with a fork. The mixture was not as smooth as I would like but it was very soft and the lemon flavour was simply divine! I ended up making two tarts because I had leftover mixture for the filling!

Overall, the recipe was very simple, easy to understand and fairly quick to make! My partner and family really enjoyed it and I definitely see my self making more in the future for family barbecues, buffets or parties!

If you also enjoy baking and prefer recipes which are not too complicated, aesthetically pleasing and extremely tasty, I would recommend Tanya Burr’s new baking book called ‘Tanya Bakes’! The hardback book has been beautifully made as filled with pages and pages of mouth-watering images of delicious desserts and treats!

Best wishes,



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