Good evening,

This is the second part of our holiday which was situated in Budapest. We travelled down to Budapest by train and arrived in Budapest Keleti. Then we used our Budapest Cards to travel by the metro to find  our apartment situated around Deak Ferenc which is the main party area in Budapest. I didn’t realise this until after we had arrived at the apartment! However, despite my doubts the location we picked was fantastic. The location where our apartment was situated had a variety of restaurants, cocktail bars, takeaways, convenience stores and much more!

One evening after exploring the Buda Castle and St. Stephens Cathedral we went back to our apartment and had an early dinner before resting at the apartment and having an evening drink.

We went to an authentic Italian restaurant. I chose a Carbonara whereas my partner ordered a Seafood Linguine. The Carbonara was delightful and I tried a little bit of the seafood linguine which was also very good. We were both starving therefore we demolished our dishes within seconds. I could have had another helping it was that good!

On the following day, we woke up early again and headed to the Széchenyi Thermal Baths. This was one of my favourite days spent in Budapest because it was one of the few days in which we truly relaxed. We spent nearly a whole day sunbathing, swimming and relaxing in the one of thirteen thermal baths! The weather was scorching on this day so it was perfect to sunbathe and swim. There were a couple of cafe’s on the site so I enjoyed a couple of fresh orange juices whilst my partner enjoyed a Hungarian beer! 

After spending nearly a whole day at the Baths we had forgotten to eat! I was ravenous and craved all the carbs! We jumped into the first restaurant we came across when we arrived in Deak Ferenc which was a short walk from our apartment. I chose this ginormous pizza topped with cheese, ham, mushrooms and sweetcorn. My partner had a burger and a slice of my pizza which almost defeated me. Then we returned to our apartment to rest and get ready for a few drinks in the evening.

This photo was taken on the penultimate day of our trip. Firstly we walked and explored Heroes Square, the fine arts museum, and the park nearby! On our way back to our apartment, we came across a beautiful little restaurant overlooking the Danube river. After spending the morning admiring the beautiful scenery of the square, park and art gallery, we were both very hungry and ready for a rest! This was the only day that the weather was not particularly nice. It was grey and starting to get very chilly. However, the restaurant provided us with blankets so we still able to eat outside and enjoy the views!

I had duck with a rich red wine sauce, parsley mash and a few seasonal fruits which initially seemed really weird but it was surprisingly delicious! The sweetness from the fruit complemented the duck perfectly! My partner had cutlets of beef with potato medallions, foie gras and seasonal vegetables! They were both really lovely dishes and extremely filling! The service was excellent too!

One of my favourite things in both Vienna and Budapest were the lemonades they sold! This was available in every cafe or restaurant I came across! I do not drink a lot of alcohol purely because I enjoy non-alcoholic drinks! Therefore, it was nice to be able to order a drink which looked like a cocktail but was non-alcoholic! So whilst my partner enjoyed a local beer, I sipped on my fruity lemonade! They make the lemonades with real fruit making it even more exotic and special!

Later on in the day, we went into the main shopping district which was also a 5 minute walk from our apartment! The weather was becoming darker and chillier. We decided that this would be the best time to do a little bit of shopping because if it began to rain we could easily dive into a shop until the rain had passed. Well, the heavens certainly opened that afternoon/ evening! So whilst darting in and out of shops we stopped in a café called ‘Annie’s Café’ for a bit of tea and cake. We were seated under the outside canopy even though it was raining so heavily! We had blankets to cover us so it was actually really relaxing being outside drinking our hot drinks whilst watching the rain (and watching people getting caught in the rain)! I had a green tea and my partner had a latte and we both shared this fruit cake! The cake was so tasty! I was desperate to try the cakes and pastries in Vienna but I never had the chance so I had to try a cake in Hungary instead.

That evening, as it was our last night before returning home, my partner and I went out for our last evening drinks. That night we tried a wine bar which was the best way to end our fantastic holiday! On our way to bed we passed a Chinese takeaway which sold their dishes in red boxes! The novelty of having your food given in actual takeaway boxes which you see in films meant that I had to try one too! The restaurant menu was based on creating your own meal. So, we had to choose what base we wanted such as rice or noodles, the sauce, the meat, the vegetables and any extras you wanted! I had a brown rice, chicken, vegetable and satay sauce takeaway! It was extremely tasty but I was so full I struggled to eat it! Both of us sat on our bed eating our takeaway whilst watching a film on my iPad. We had to be up early the next morning to check out therefore we were in need of a fairly early night but this was the perfect way to end our last night in Hungary.


This was our last day in Budapest. Our check out time was at 10am and we didn’t leave Budapest until 6pm when our taxi as booked to take us to the airport. Therefore, we had nearly a whole day to enjoy the last moments spent in Hungary. After checking out, I suggested having some breakfast. For the whole week we had not had a chance to have breakfast because we used that time instead to explore the city attractions. This was my chance to enjoy a relaxed brunch! I ordered my last fresh orange juice and green tea with a piece of French toast with fruit! It was so lovely to enjoy our meal and not be planning or thinking about rushing off to our next destination. Afterwards, we climbed a huge mountain in the hot sunshine to see the Citadel! We didn’t anticipate how steep this hill would be but it was worth it because the views overlooked the whole of the city!

We had the most exciting, busy and beautiful week exploring Austria and Hungary. The weather was hot and the food was fabulous! I have definitely caught the travel bug and cannot wait for my next trip away!

Best wishes,



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