Good evening!

It has been a hectic couple of weeks. Shortly after finishing my second year of university, my partner and I flew to Austria and Hungary! Firstly we flew from Gatwick to Vienna and spent 3 nights there and then travelled by train to Budapest where we spent another 4 nights. As I am writing this, I am feeling the intensity of the holiday blues and in need of another, more relaxing holiday to make up for a very busy week! We visited many attractions but more importantly, we ate an enormous amount of food which I shall be sharing with you. Enjoy!

On the first day we arrived very late into Vienna, therefore, we only had time to check in, have some dinner and then go to bed.

That night we were recommended by our hotel staff to visit a micro-brewery which was 5 minutes walk from our hotel. Both my partner and I were hungry and tired therefore we were not fussed where we ate. We didn’t have high expectations for this restaurant. But, we were definitely surprised and impressed by the service and quality of food that was served to us.  On reflection, this meal was one of our favourite nights out of the entire trip!

I had Veal Schnitzel, cranberry sauce and buttered potatoes! It was delicious! The potatoes were soft, buttery and fluffy whereas the schnitzel was crispy but melted in the mouth. I particularly enjoyed the cranberry sauce which complemented the dish perfectly! I also ordered an orange juice with water thinking that I would be served a glass of orange juice and water separately. However, to my surprise, I was served orange juice which was mixed with water! Let’s just say, I quickly ordered another drink and didn’t make that mistake again!

The following day we visited Schonbrunn Palace and La Gloriette where we stopped for a spot of lunch. La Gloriette is a grand dining hall or convention hall which is situated on a vast hill overlooking the Habsburg Summer Palace (Schonbrunn Palace). We skipped breakfast that morning to give us plenty of time to explore the attractions. I was starving after exploring the huge palace and walking up the steep hill to La Gloriette! I tried a traditional clear soup which had chopped chives and shredded pancake. I was worried that I wouldn’t like it however, it was very tasty! The clear soup was like a chicken stock and the dispersed bits of pancake absorbed the water and became a sponge like texture. Although it sounds weird, I would have it again. Although, I would make sure to have something else with it because it wasn’t long until my stomach was rumbling again!

La Gloriette:

The Palace was beautiful but the palace gardens were the highlight for me. There were acres and acres of neatly trimmed hedges, vegetation and ornate water fountains. The travel guide advised us to leave almost a whole day to explore the summer palace and trust me, you need that full day to explore! There is so much to see alongside the palace; in the gardens there is a labyrinth and even a zoo!

Schonbrunn Zoo is apparently the oldest in the world and voted the best in Europe on a number of occasions! There were animals which I had never seen before such as Polar Bears and even two Pandas! Here is a shot I took of the two Polar Bears frolicking in the water.

That evening, we went into the centre of Vienna and ate at an Italian restaurant. I had a tomato risotto with King Prawns. I loved the fish plate more than the food I think!

To end the evening, we both stopped in an outside bar and had a few drinks under an outside heater watching the world go by.

On the last morning of our stay in Vienna before catching the train to Budapest, we grabbed some brunch in a restaurant outside of the metro terminal.

I had some pancakes with a blueberry compote, a large fresh orange juice and a green tea whilst my partner had a club sandwich and another juice. Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day therefore I was craving something sweet but filling to finish our time in Vienna. This breakfast was delicious but the freshly squeezed orange juice was definitely the highlight! This was the start of my addiction to orange juice during that week. Nearly everyday I had orange juice. I wish I had a cold glass in my hand now!

Vienna was a sophisticated, historic city and it would definitely be a city which I would love to return to! To travel and visit the attractions, we used the Vienna Pass which was such good value for money. I would recommend this card to anyone. This card covered all of our public transport and almost all the attractions for free!

If you enjoyed this post, stay tuned for my upcoming blog which continues my trip to Budapest. This will be posted very shortly!

Best wishes,



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