A Seaside Lunch on the Brayford

Good evening!

Yesterday I finished my second year of University! Although, it is a little nauseating to think that I will be entering my last year in a matter of months, I am relieved that I have finally completed the year. I am ready for a break! The weather has been absolutely beautiful this last week, which made essay writing and revision much more unbearable! But now, I am able to enjoy the sun guilt free!

Anyway, last Sunday, I had a little break from assignments and revision and visited one of my favourite restaurants in Lincoln. My partner took me there for my birthday last October but we had never been for lunch and we were starving. Therefore, we couldn’t resist having a cheeky seafood lunch on the  boat overlooking the Brayford Quay in the sun.

This was my view. The restaurant is called ‘The Barge’ and it is quite literally a fisherman’s boat anchored on the Brayford. You can dine inside the boat or outside on the ship deck and they serve the best seafood in Lincoln!

the barge 1

I ordered the mussels in a sauce, with bread, chips and salad. I do not have mussels often so it was a lovely treat to have them for lunch. I really enjoyed my meal, although I would have preferred more bread rather than chips so I could soak up more of the mussel sauce! I was also given some warm water with a lemon in to clean my fingers after eating because mussels can be quite messy to eat! My partner had Calamari with chips, salad and a tartare sauce. I am not usually a fan of Calamari because there have been too many times when I have had Calamari which is not fresh and the squid has turned really chewy. However, this Calamari was one of the best I had tried! I know my partner really enjoyed his meal as the plain was left clean afterwards!

This is a close up of my meal:

the barge 2

After our meal we sat in the sun and chatted for a while. I felt so relaxed and I loved enjoying the sun and not worrying about work for a while.

I hope you all have been enjoying the sun and not getting too burnt! Summer is nearly here!

Best wishes,



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