When in Rome…

Happy Hump Day!

As the days are getting longer, brighter and my deadlines are soon to be finished, I have started to become excited about my holiday coming up in  about two weeks time! I am very fortunate enough to be travelling to Vienna and then to Budapest for a week! I haven’t been to either country before but I am desperate to experience the opera houses in Vienna and the Budapest Baths! However, all the planning and organising I am doing for this upcoming holiday does make me think back to my first adventure to Rome last July.

The featured image is one of my favourite meals of our holiday last year. It was incredibly hot and we had visited the Colosseum in the morning, then continued onto the Roman Forum and then had a tuk-tuk ride to the Trevi Fountain. Unfortunately the fountain was under construction when we visited so we didn’t spend long. However, we took this opportunity to stroll along the cobbled streets and as we were leisurely walking around and browsing the shop windows, we came across a little restaurant tucked away in a side alley. This street wasn’t very busy so we took our time perusing the menu. The menu looked very promising! There was so much variety! Although, we didn’t realise how good the food was going to be until it came out…

I had a seafood pizza which had prawns, mussels, salmon, scallops, lobster and octopus whereas my partner had a lobster linguine. When I was choosing the pizza, I didn’t think that the food was going to be fantastic as the restaurant was deserted and I thought that there wouldn’t be that much seafood on the pizza. However, I was definitely wrong in thinking that. My pizza was brimming with seafood! I had never tried octopus before and I remember looking at it and being fascinated by the tentacles that still had the suckers on! I would never have thought seafood would be better than more traditional toppings but for me, it was the best pizza I had ever tasted!

My partner had the lobster linguine and he was given a huge amount of lobster. I think it was definitely very good value for money. We both had fun cracking the shell and digging all the meat out. Although, it was very messy! This was one of the more expensive meals that we ate. However, we had a perfect excuse as it was our anniversary. The waiter who served us even gave us a shot of Limoncello to congratulate us!

Our trip to Rome was very special. Thinking back makes me both excited and grateful to have the opportunity to go on holiday with my partner again. I just need to stay focussed to complete these last few end of year assignments and then I will be free!

If you have travelled to either Vienna or Budapest, I would love to hear your experience and recommendations on restaurants or attractions!

Best wishes,




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