Sweet Potato and Sardine Salad

Good evening!

As it’s the last day of the bank holiday, I thought I would share with you another healthy, cheap and quick meal which is great if you’re fancying something to combat an indulgent or expensive weekend. As you can tell by the similar food posts recently, I have been loving this meal! It is light, filling and easy to make and very malleable. Using the word malleable, I mean that you are able to change the components of the dish without compromising the ease, timing or nutrition value too much. For instance, if you preferred, you could use smoked salmon, salmon fillet, chicken, Quorn or even mackerel instead of the sardines I used. Or, you could change the sweet potato to some other form of carbohydrate… The options are endless!

This evening I added two hard boiled eggs instead of Avocado as I had run out of Avocado and forgot to buy some more at the shops yesterday! These are a nutritious and cheap alternative which went really well with the fish and potato! Also, I used sardines but in a sunflower oil instead of tomato. Therefore, I drained most of the sunflower oil and then heated the sardine pieces in a saucepan with a little pepper, paprika and garlic. The meal took about 10 minutes to cook and it was light but very satisfying!

I know it’s definitely nearing summer when I am craving lighter foods over the stodgy, carbohydrate filled meals which I love to indulge on over the winter period! It’s also nice to feel full but not to bloated or heavy afterwards!

Best wishes,





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