Healthy Dinner!

Good evening!

I have been absent for almost a month (I checked the date of my last blog post). Where has the time gone? This last month has been very hectic to say the last! The last time I blogged I had just returned from travelling to Prague. After that, I started my assignments and caught up with family and friends with the time I had left of the Easter break. Once I had arrived at University that is when the real work hit. Since then, I have been pretty much living in the library preparing for this week. I had 60% of my end of year assignments due. Let me tell you it was pretty stressful, but I made it! I am now spending my Friday night snuggled up on the sofa with my dressing gown on, sipping a mug of  green tea and catching up on all the TV programmes I have missed as well as catching up on my blogging! I haven’t felt this relaxed in a long time! It feels so good to not feel guilty about not doing any work. However, the work resumes on Monday in preparation for my last two assignments of the year!

Anyway, back to my food… Recently, I haven’t been eating as healthily as I would have liked. I did have some healthy snacks like apple slices but it wasn’t as satisfying as Watsits, or biscuits or other unhealthy treats I could get my hands on!

So, tonight I was craving something light and healthy and this is what I made with the ingredients I had lying around in the cupboard.

I washed and pricked the sweet potato and put it in the microwave to cook for 5-8 minutes. Then, I emptied the sardines in tomato sauce in a saucepan added salt and pepper and heated on a low heat whilst the potato cooked. Whilst both were cooking I dressed my plate with a handful of spinach and half an avocado.

The meal took about 10 minutes in total and it was delicious and surprisingly filling! I thoroughly enjoyed it and it was just what I needed to end my binge week!

Lastly, a balance of unhealthy and healthy food is desirable. But, more importantly, happiness is crucial. During stressful periods such as revising for exams or furiously writing for deadlines, treat yourself because if you’re not happy you won’t be motivated.

Best wishes,



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