Wagamama Take out!

Good afternoon!

It is the final term of my second year at University. I cannot believe I only have a year left before I will have finished my degree! Anyway, as the end of the academic year is rapidly approaching; the work load has increased too!

Yesterday, I was convinced by the girls on my course to try the Wagamama Take Out! I must admit, it didn’t take a lot of convincing as I can’t  resist Wagamama food. However, I have never tried  it as a takeaway therefore I had to try it!

At 12pm we went onto the Wagamama website, chose our food and booked a time slot for it to be ready for collection. There is also an option for delivery but as the Lincoln Wagamama is only 5-10 minutes walk from the university we collected our order.

I chose the Seafood Ramen. This was the same dish I ordered a few weeks ago. (My last blog post will detail the contents of the dish). The food was packaged in a large black bowl and it looked just like it would if I ordered it in the restaurant. Furthermore, it was piping hot! Although, I was sceptical that the portion size was slightly smaller. But, the taste was superb! The vegetable broth was very flavoursome and the fish was so tender that it melted in your mouth!

I’m not sure I chose the best dish for eating on  a desk surrounded by piles of books and pieces of paper, but, this dish definitely gave me motivation to work and it gave me the fuel I needed to carry on working afterwards!

My friends and I are already planning another restaurant take out to try for Monday when we do another full day of work!

Do you have any suggestions on restaurant takeaways that we should try?

Best wishes,




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