Prague- Day 2

Good evening all,

As promised, this is the second day of my trip in Prague!

In the morning we got up early and went for a swim in the communal swimming pool in the apartment complex! Afterwards, we went to the Communist Museum! However, we got very lost trying to find it because it is situated in an alley branching off one of the main streets in Wenceslas Square with no signs for it. However, when we eventually found it. It was very interesting learning about how Communism came about and how it affected the people under Communist rule. It wasn’t very big but there was a lot of information therefore it didn’t take too long to complete! Then, we walked and found an unusual building called ‘The Dancing House’.

dancing house
The Dancing House. Apparently, the tourists love it but the locals hate it as it does not suit the Gothic Architecture!

Following our visit to the Dancing House, my partner and I then went hunting for something to eat for lunch! It started to rain just as we found a cute Italian themed restaurant! We wanted to try a traditional Czech restaurant to taste the local cuisine however we couldn’t find any that were suitable! Upon entering the restaurant we were asked whether we wanted to be seated in the smoking or non-smoking area; this took me by surprise as living in England, I have grown accustomed to smoking not being allowed inside! Anyway, we were seated in the non-smoking area which was upstairs and far away from the smoking area. The restaurant was lovely, it took on a modern theme, with minimalist furniture and décor.

prague italian
My partner had Beef medallions in a tomato sauce with Capers, Olives, Mozzarella and Oregano washed down with a beer of course!
prague italian 1
I had Pork tenderloin with a Cranberry Sauce. As you can see peeking in the background, I also got some fries which both my partner and I shared because we were very hungry!

Once we had been sufficiently rested. We were ready to explore some more of Prague! Although, we did not have a clue where we were, but, this was not a bad thing because this gave us the opportunity to stroll along the cobbled streets until we found somewhere vaguely familiar. Whilst we were casually browsing amongst the various market stalls and shops we came across an old sweet store! Even though we had just eaten we couldn’t resist having a look inside!

prague sweetsprague sweets 3prague sweets 2

prague sweets 1

I loved how the sweets were in rum barrels taking on a pirate theme! We did end up treating ourselves to a bag of pick and mix which we enjoyed whilst browsing through the streets of the city.

After a few hours of strolling we finally navigated our way back to the Old Town Square! By now it was getting dark so we decided to go up the Astronomical Clock and watched the world go by looking at the square from above!

prague astronomical tower
Prague’s Astronomical Clock which was first installed in 1410. It is the third-oldest clock in the world and the oldest one still operating today!

prague old town square at night

prague old town square at night 1













This was the view from the Astronomical Clock at night. The view of the city at night was breath-taking!

Finally, to end our second day of exploring we went to an exclusive cocktail bar called ‘Black Angels’ which is apparently one of the best bars in Prague! Unfortunately I do not have any photos to share with you because photography inside the bar was strictly forbidden. The bar was situated in a cellar, underneath a five star hotel restaurant. And the theme inside was similar to the sweet shop we encountered earlier; a Gothic Pirate theme! It was extraordinary inside with tanks of live lobster, rum barrels, caskets of cigars and wooden stools and tables to sit on. The cocktails were amazing and so professional! My partner had a cocktail called ‘Golden Dawn’ and I had a mojito! Furthermore, there was no separation from smokers and non smokers. But, I didn’t mind because people smoked cigars and it added to the ambiance of the cellar bar! At the apartment, we ate fresh sushi and watched TV before going to bed.

prague sushi
Sushi accompanied by Wasabi, Pickle and Soy Sauce!


I couldn’t believe how much we had covered over just two days! As you can tell, we were having the most fantastic trip!

I have two more days to share with you so be prepared for ‘Day Three’ to be uploaded soon!

Best wishes,




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