Prague- Day One

Good evening everyone,

Finally, the first day of my mini adventure to Prague is ready to share with you all. I have broken it up into days as this is more manageable than doing one very long post!

Early Sunday morning my partner and I travelled from Stansted airport to The Czech Republic! Unfortunately I didn’t take a photo but I had a breakfast smoothie from ‘Joe’s Juices’ which was a raspberry, banana smoothie and a cheese ploughman sandwich. Joe’s Juices was very chaotic as the system in high they operated was you ordered your drink, paid for it and then waited for it to be made. In theory it sounds pretty logical however, the staff played the music very loudly so people couldn’t hear their name being called therefore customers nearly missed their order. Furthermore, because there was confusion with the orders, it meant that the drinks were delayed therefore I was waiting about 10-15 minutes for mine! Thank god, we had given ourselves plenty of time to eat before we boarded the plane. I know, this isn’t the most healthy or typical breakfast meal but it woke me up and prepared me for our flight and travel to the apartment we were staying in.

Upon arrival at our apartment, we dropped our bags off, had the obligatory look around and then went out exploring! Firstly, my partner and I went to Wenceslas Square and wandered around the shops and then carried onto the Old Town Square which is one of the famous tourist areas. On the Sunday, it was the first day of Easter therefore the town square was filled with small Bavarian Markets filled with Czech treats and snacks. The temptation was too great. I had to try everything! Here are a couple of photos from some of the market stalls.

bavarian market 2

bavarian market in prague

I didn’t try the potato spirals in the picture on the left but it was interesting how they made it! A screwdriver was used to cut the potato into spirals and then deep fried and placed on a skewer to eat! However, I did try the snack on the right. These were warmed cylindrical shaped pastry dipped in a coating of sugar. They were like a doughnut in the sense that there was a hole in a middle! These were very sweet  but enjoyable to have whilst pottering around the other stalls.

That evening we had a casual stroll on Charles Bridge and walked up to the Castle, Palace and Cathedral. However, because it was a Sunday none of the attractions were open. Therefore, on our journey home we took a break at a restaurant which was a boat on the river! Initially we just stopped for a hot drink and a beer however, the view of the river was beautiful and the restaurant was unexpectedly lovely so we stayed and had dinner. This was my favourite meal of the whole holiday!

Fillet of Perch with Seafood in a tomato sauce accompanied by Cous cous

This was the first time I had Perch! It was a lovely white fish which melted in your mouth and I got two fillets which was a bonus- I was stuffed! The combination of the tomato sauce, seafood and Cous cous reminded me of a Mediterranean style dish which was light but very satisfying!

charles bridge at night
The view from Charles Bridge on Sunday evening


Whilst we were having dinner it became very dark so before going home we walked across Charles Bridge again to enjoy the beautiful scenery in the dark. As we resumed our journey home, we came across an ice bar and spontaneously, decided to give it a try! It was very enjoyable! Inside the ice bar area, the walls, seats and ornaments were all made out of ice. We also had complimentary cocktails in glasses also made from ice! It was a brilliant end to the first day. Although, we were both shattered!

prague ice bar
Heineken bottles and Sea plants frozen into the walls of ice


This blog illustrates just Day One of our adventure! Keep a look out for upcoming posts about what we ate and did on the subsequent days we spent in Prague!

Best wishes,



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