Easter Festivities!

Good evening and happy Easter!

I’m afraid I have been absent for the last couple of weeks because my partner and I travelled abroad to Prague last week! Currently, I am in the process of writing and editing these blog posts which should be live very soon! Whilst those posts are unavailable  I thought I would share a post about Easter!

I was reminiscing with my mum about how we used to celebrate Easter when we were children. Interestingly, as a child I did not receive the usual shop bought chocolate eggs. Instead, my brother and I would be given book vouchers to spend on a book of our choice. Sometimes, my brother and I would do a small Easter egg hunt or spend the day painting hard boiled eggs!

Before university, I did not really see the excitement surrounding Easter because I viewed it as an excuse to buy heaps and heaps of unnecessary chocolate. But, now that I am not living at home for the majority of the year, I have begun to appreciate Easter as a time to spend with family and friends, indulging in the treats that we enjoy. I love the pastel colours and themes which is associated to Easter. Furthermore, the weather is starting to become lighter, longer and warmer. It is definitely getting me excited for the steadily approaching summer months!

This year I was very lucky to be given a Lindt Gold Easter egg and three miniature bunnies as a well as Marc De Champagne Milk Chocolate Truffles from my partner’s parents. Although, one of the bunnies are missing in the photo as I couldn’t resist trying one! At the back of the Lindt Box, there are pictures of gold bunnies which you can cut out to use for your own Easter Egg Hunt! If I do not eat all the chocolate, I am hoping to use the chocolate to make into Easter cupcakes of some sort!

Thinking about my Easter experiences has made me question what others do to celebrate this spring festival. What do you do to celebrate Easter?

Best wishes,




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