Wagamamas Date!

Good evening everyone!

Yesterday, I had a lovely lunch date with my University girls as it was the last time I was going to see them until after our Easter break! This was a spontaneous decision but a good, girly catch up with lots of laughs was definitely needed! At the moment, the workload has really increased due to end of year assignment deadlines looming, but, sometimes sparing a couple of hours in a busy day to socialise and relax can put you in the positive and determined mind-set to be really productive afterwards!

I chose the ‘Seafood Ramen’ which is a hearty bowl-full of sea bream, grilled tiger prawns and breaded tilapia on top of thin noodles in a vegetable broth with pea shoots, wakame and samphire. If you are a lover of fish like I am; then this would be perfect for you! The girls got the famous ‘Chicken Katsu Curry’ with an extra bowl full of the  sauce. It looked lovely and I have heard it is amazing but I have never ordered it for myself. Although, I did try some of the sauce and it was delicious. It is definitely on my list to try at some point!

Anyway, back to my dish… The sea bream was so soft and the breaded tilapia melted in the mouth! The addition of the samphire was a beautiful combination and enhanced the delicate flavours of the fish. However, the prawns were still in their shell, therefore I had to use my fingers to prise away the meat. I do not mind using my fingers but I wish I was made aware- I mean, it is messy enough trying to eat ramen with chopsticks let alone having to shell the prawn meat too! Next time I would ask for an extra bowl to put the discarded shell instead of laying it on the paper place mats. There were lots of noodles as well as fish, therefore, it made the dish really filling- perfect for a long few hours of work in the library!

I have been to Wagamamas a few times now, but, I only discovered today that they sold free green tea! Green tea is my favourite hot drink and I drink endless mugs a day, so, when I found out that Wagamamas had the option of free green tea I was in heaven! I had about three or four glasses! I can’t wait to return!

What is your favourite dish at Wagamamas?

Best wishes,




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