A Greek Feast!

Good evening all!

I’m sorry I have been absent for the last couple of weeks! I have been so busy juggling, university work, volunteering, catching up with family and friends and most importantly preparing for my boyfriend’s birthday which was on Wednesday!

On March 2nd, I took him to a restaurant called ‘Gabby’s’ in Lincoln which is very close to where we live. We have been wanting to go and try it since we moved in because it is rated very highly on TripAdvisor however we haven’t had a chance until his birthday!

Gabby’s is a family run business, it is not very big and there is very little advertisements therefore it is virtually unknown! It is situated on the high street but it is not the most noticeable restaurant! For the first few months of living in our house at University, we passed it everyday not even realising it was there! We only found out about it when my flatmates and I were searching places to eat in Lincoln.

The interior of the restaurant is very simplistic and it was very quiet therefore we were served very quickly. The woman who served us was the one of the owners; she was very friendly and helpful. The menu does not have a huge variety of dishes and some are called by the Greek name and has no description but she was very good in explaining what the meal was.

I chose the rainbow trout with rice and my partner chose the lamb cutlets which also came with rice. We also shared a starter of Greek Meatballs which we had as a side dish instead. Accompanying the meal, we had roast potatoes, garlic mushrooms and a Greek side salad consisting of lettuce, tomatoes, feta, olives and cucumber.

The meal was okay! I particularly enjoyed the trout, meatballs and roast potatoes. I do not have trout very often, although, the fish had not been filleted therefore I had to be very careful with the bones! My boyfriend also enjoyed his meal. However, we both agreed that all the food was bland and extremely dry as there was no sauce provided with the dishes! Furthermore, we thought that cost was a little pricey especially as a lot of the ingredients could be bought very cheap.

Overall, we had a lovely evening celebrating my boyfriend’s birthday and it was nice to try a Greek cuisine! Unfortunately it wasn’t the experience we had hoped when reading TripAdvisor reviews!

Have you tried any interesting cuisines recently?

Best wishes,



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