Happy Belated Valentines Day!

Good afternoon,

This post is a bit late but Happy belated Valentine’s Day! I hope you all had an enjoyable day with the ones you love.

Firstly, to celebrate the day, my partner and I went for an early morning walk through the fields behind our house. The sun was shining, however, it was a bit chilly and windy! Then we returned home to warm up before we went out to one of our newly favourite restaurants: Dexter’s Alehouse in Lincoln! We decided to return here as we were so impressed the first time we went and there are so many meals that we want to try! If you would like to read about our first visit, look for the blog post called ‘Lunch Date Lamb Shank’ which was posted on January 12th!

The atmosphere was lively and the waiters were cheerful and attentive. Additionally there were an abundance of interesting aromas which were emanating from the open kitchen making me even more hungry whilst waiting for my meal! Alongside the aromatic smells, the dining area was quite warm, especially as you transitioned from zero degrees outside to a warm inside! It took my partner and I a few minutes to acclimatise… We were thankful that we were served our drinks straight away! 

The service was excellent as our food came not long after we ordered it. I ordered the ‘Grilled Fresh Sea bass Fillet’ which was accompanied by a saffron, prawn and mussel risotto with buttered samphire, shaved Parmesan and lastly tarragon crème fresh! It was a fantastic plate of food both aesthetically and in taste! The sea bass flesh was soft and melted in your mouth whilst the skin was crispy and added texture to the creamy saffron risotto.  The prawns and mussels were an extra treat of indulgence that enhanced the beautiful dish. Furthermore, I have never had samphire before but it went so well with the creamy mixture of seafood, rice and crème fresh! I demolished this plate of food and I would definitely choose it again! 

My partner ordered, the ‘Red Hill Free Range Lincolnshire Pork’ which was a pork Sunday roast. Naturally, I stole a bite or two of his meal and I corroborated with his approval. The pork was succulent and cut into thin strips which I particularly enjoyed because I am not a fan of huge thick cuts of meat such as steak. Plus, the pork was locally sourced and free range which was a lovely touch. Moreover, a medium- sized bowl of vegetables such as carrots, cabbage, leeks and courgettes were served on the side so you could help yourself to how much veg you wanted! I must confess, I was guilty of stealing a few vegetables myself! 

I promised myself I would try a dessert but we were so full after our main meal that we decided to miss dessert and grab a sweet treat on the way home to enjoy whilst watching the 4pm football instead! I couldn’t have wished for a better day with the one I love. 

Best wishes, 




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