Caffe Nero Love! 

Good afternoon! 

 I wanted to share with you the hot drink I have been absolutely loving this winter! It is Caffe Nero’s Praline Latte! I have always loved hot drinks, especially tea, but it is only coming to university that I have started drinking coffee. 

What inspired me to try this particular flavour is the Haagen Dazs Pralines and Cream ice cream which is my favourite ice cream of all time! When I saw praline on the Caffe Nero menu I just had to give it a try. And to my surprise, it was absolutely delicious! 

If you are a sweet tooth like me then you will be sure to love this! The praline flavouring is sweet but the warming, nutty and caramel taste mellows the sweetness so it isn’t overwhelming. Also, I love that you can ask for your drink to be made extra hot therefore I can enjoy my coffee for a lot longer!

Now that I have become a lover of coffee, I have also begun to enjoy the experience of drinking coffee out in coffee shops such as Nero. I now understand why people would go out simply to grab a coffee! Before now, I would think buying a coffee would be so expensive and not worth your money but now I am older these coffee shops are so useful if you want to do work in a new environment, read, meet with friends… It really is a social hotspot. Therefore, I have realised that it is not only the coffee you are purchasing but it is the social ambience that comes with it too.

 At the moment, my favourite is Caffe Nero because the coffee is stronger than Costa, Starbucks and other known coffee shops because they use two shots of coffee as a standard measure. Furthermore, I love the atmosphere, the interior design and the music in Caffe Nero! The interior design is very homely and rustic, they have these large, squishy chairs which you can sink into whilst clutching a cup of heaven in your hands. The music normally played isn’t too loud either and it is a variety of classical and acoustic jazz which is lovely for catching up with a friend or furiously trying to finish your essay! Both the coffee and the music is great for de-stressing and relaxing.

On Wednesday, I went a step further, not only did I treat myself to a large coffee but I also added a naughty lemon tart to go with it! I love lemon tart, the combination of the buttery and crumbly pastry and the sweet lemon curd filling with a splash of hot coffee is divine! I had two hours to kill after university before I started volunteering therefore I sat in Caffe Nero for two hours reading. The coffee and cake certainly gave me the motivation I needed to be productive and get lots of reading done! 

I have now become a little obsessed about drinking coffee in a coffee shop. I seem to be finding any excuse to spend any time there whether it’s for socialising or finding an escape from home and university to do some work.

If you have any recommendations of coffee/tea shops please let me know! I am always open to trying new places! 

Best wishes, 



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