Marinated Duck 

Happy Sunday everyone! 

I made this meal before Christmas and realised just yesterday that I forgot to post it! It was one of my favourite meals from 2015 simply because it was a meal that I do not usually have! 

I remember my partner and I were shopping in Morrisons, (trying to restrict ourselves to the absolute essentials but failing miserably) and we came across a two duck leg packet with an accompanying sauce for around £3. So, we thought we would give it a try! I must add, this was one of the things we picked up which was not part of the essentials we initially had in mind! 

Anyway, we were very excited to try it and had it that very same night! I remember it didn’t take too long for the duck legs to cook, approximately 35-40 minutes in a hot oven. Firstly you had to cook the duck without the marinade for the majority of time and then with the last 10-15 minutes the marinade is added to complete the cooking of the meat.

Whilst the duck was cooking in the oven, I cooked some white rice and made a side salad to finish the dish. The accompanying items to complete the duck were largely things which were going off. Therefore, this meal was what I call a “leftovers meal”, meaning, that it is a meal made up of ingredients which have to be used before they become waste. The side salad was simply a handful of spinach, diced white onion (we had no red onion left and forgot to buy some), half a red pepper and a little avocado which was extremely ripe. The salad was seasoned with salt and pepper. 

The duck was delicious! It was so moist and fell off the bone! Furthermore, the wet, sticky and sweet marinade complimented the dry white rice and salad! At first, I wasn’t convinced that the portions of the duck leg would make a meal but it was very filling and satisfying! I would definitely purchase it again! Sometimes you have to try the unusual and treat yourself!

Hope you all are enjoying your Sunday and eating lots of good food!

Best wishes, 



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