A Healthy Lunch…

Good Evening!

Today I wanted to share with you all the healthy lunch which I have been enjoying the last few days. This lunch is very light but it is great for picking whilst you’re working, simple to prepare and not overly expensive!

I have recently started volunteering for a local charity shop alongside my university studies therefore I have much busier schedule and don’t always have time to go home for lunch. Usually, I don’t even get a lunch break so I have been eating whilst I work! Over the past couple of weeks I have got into the habit of buying a meal deal to sustain me until I return home. Although this option is convenient, I have found that it adds up to be quite expensive! Plus, the items included in the meal deal are not always very healthy.A meal deal normally costs approximately £3.25. But, with this new homemade light lunch I find that it is no more than a pound! This is what motivated me to make my own healthy lunch.

To reduce costs further whilst increasing the nutritional content, I made my own hummus which tastes almost the same as a bought one! I used the ‘BBC GoodFood’ recipe as a guideline to making my own hummus (as normal I adapted it to my preference).

This is the ‘BBC GoodFood’ recipe:

These are the ingredients I used:

  • 240g canned chickpeas (one can)
  • Lemon juice from 1 squeezed lemon
  • 2 large garlic cloves
  • Salt
  • 6-8 tbsp water
  • 1 tsp olive oil
  • 1tsp paprika

To combine and blend the ingredients, the recipe asked for specifically a ‘food processor’ ,however, I unfortunately do not own one. Instead, I used my ‘Kenwood Smoothie 2Go’ which is a smoothie maker but it worked perfectly in condensing the ingredients into a smooth paste. I added more water to the mixture and had to spoon the mixture by hand a few times just to help the blender to blend the ingredients together, but, I achieved the same result as a food processor. Furthermore, I prefer the hummus to be more zesty and hot therefore I added more lemon juice and paprika than the recipe. Lastly, I added less olive oil because I felt that the hummus didn’t need it; it was the right consistency and it tasted lovely without it but I added a small amount just so the mixture wouldn’t dry up whilst being refrigerated (I prepped about 5 lunch meals like the picture above for everyday of the week).

I think carrots, peppers and tomatoes go really well with hummus! I enjoy eating the vegetables on their own but the hummus just adds a bit of flavour to the dish and now that it has been homemade, I don’t feel guilty eating it! Plus, I added a few almonds to the dish which I had lying about. They are a good source of protein and delicious to snack on! By eating this meal for lunch instead of buying a convenient meal deal means that I cut down on my carb intake, I increase the number of vegetables and nutrients in my diet and I save on a considerable about of money!  For me, its an all-round winner!

I hope this light snack/ lunch inspires you all to try and make your own lunch! If you would like the link to the ‘BBC GoodFood’ hummus recipe please send me an email or comment below!

Best wishes,





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