Homemade Chicken Nuggets and Chips

Good evening!

Two days ago, I had a long day at uni and craved a meal which was easy and comforting.  I had some chicken breast fillets and eggs which I needed to use before they went off. Therefore, I thought I would try making homemade chicken nuggets and chips. It isn’t the most healthy meal I could have made but I fancied some childhood comfort food. Furthermore, I didn’t follow a recipe, just guessed and hoped it would be an edible result. Surprisingly it went really well!

Firstly, I prepared what I would need to make the chicken nuggets and chips. I used three small bowls, one had about 4 heaped spoonfuls of flour, another had 3 beaten eggs and the last one had 5 heaped spoonfuls of breadcrumbs. Then I diced the chicken breast fillets into bite-size pieces.

Secondly, I prepared the potato for the chips. I cut the potato into quarters and then sliced into potato wedges. I placed the wedges onto a baking tray and seasoned with salt, pepper and a drizzle of olive oil. Once this is done, I placed the potato slices into a hot oven and let it cook at a high temperature for about 40 minutes. I like to keep the skin on the potato  purely because the skin adds the crispness to the chips.

Whilst the chips were baking, I made the chicken nuggets. Firstly, I took a piece of chicken, coated it with flour, then dipped it into the whisked egg and then covered it with breadcrumbs. The breadcrumbs I used were the cheapest I could find! They were an artificial orange colour but they worked perfectly because they turned a golden brown when cooked.

I shallow fried the raw nugget pieces in olive oil. As the breadcrumb coating changed from orange to a golden brown this indicated that the chicken was cooked. Once cooked, I placed the nuggets onto a plate with a paper towel to soak up the excess oil. 

Finally, after approximately forty minutes, you should have a tasty plate full of homemade chicken nuggets and chips satisfying the child inside you! But, the chicken isn’t processed and neither are the chips! 

I hope you have enjoyed this post. Please comment or leave a message if you would like to know more! 

Best wishes, 



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