Good evening everyone, I hope you are all well!

Yesterday, my partner and I had lunch out at Pizza Hut! Pizza Hut is an Italian chain restaurant which is great if you want to dine out but are unwilling to spend a fortune. Plus, there are always discount deals available therefore it is very rare that you pay for a full price meal! Unfortunately, our meal was full price, however, I didn’t spend a penny as he treated me and paid for it! I am very lucky!

I am not usually one to choose pizza when I eat at restaurants as I am normally swayed by an alternative dish. But, Pizza Express offers such a variety of interesting and unusual pizzas that this time it overshadowed all the other meal options!

I chose the ‘Padana’ pizza which is a classic dough base topped with goats cheese, mozzarella, tomato, caramelised onions, spinach, red onions and garlic oil. It was a difficult choice but I finally settled on this one because I do not often have goats cheese, mozzarella and caramelised onions. The combination of salt from the cheese and sweet from the caramelised onions is a favourite of mine! Also, the addition of spinach created the illusion that it was somewhat healthier than the others…

Furthermore, I had the option of the ‘Classic’ dough base or the ‘Romana’ base. The difference is that the in the classic the dough is thicker whereas the base in the Romana has been stretched out more resulting in a thinner and crispier pizza base! I chose the classic dough simply because a thicker dough base is a lot more stodgy and filling than the thinner base so it would keep me full for longer.

Lastly, this pizza is also made as a ‘Leggera’ pizza which is under 500 calories! The base is very thin and the middle of the pizza has been cut out and replaced by a green salad. This is perfect for a light meal or if you’re looking for something which is low on calories.

I had a wonderful time and it was nice to dine out and not worry about the bill at the end!





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