Lunch Date Lamb Shank

Good evening!

This is the post I hope you all have been waiting for!

On Sunday, to celebrate the end of exams and essays last week, my partner and I visited a ‘Dexter’s Alehouse and Kitchen’ which has just opened in Lincoln.  My partner was the one who suggested it as he came across it because of an advert which popped up on his Facebook homepage. As he researched the restaurant he found out that it had been highly rated therefore we decided to experience it ourselves!

The restaurant is located in the centre of Lincoln (about 5 minutes walk from the high street) but it is one of those places that if you’re not looking for it, it can easily be missed! My partner and I nearly didn’t find it!

However, as you step inside you are greeted by a warm fire, a picturesque interior and friendly staff. When we arrived it was quiet but during our stay it became really busy especially with families with younger children.

As it was a Sunday, we both ordered the ‘Slow roasted 14 ounce Lincolnshire Lamb Shank’ which was accompanied by Champ Mash, Seasonal Greens and Redcurrant Gravy. The service was extremely quick and the meal was truly heavenly! The meat just fell off the bone and melted in the mouth. It was the best Lamb Shank I have ever had! Furthermore the seasonal greens were served in a bowl on the side for both my partner and I to share which I thought was a lovely touch as you could help yourself to as many or as little veg as you wanted. Plus, the kitchen is situated in the middle of the restaurant meaning you could see the chefs serve up the meal and hear them calling ‘service’! I thought this was another wonderful touch to the whole dining experience as you could see your food being prepared! Overall, the meal as well as the dining experience was absolutely outstanding!

Normally, I am a sucker for a dessert but I couldn’t eat another thing! My partner and I have already agreed that we shall be going back very soon so next time I shall try a dessert. I have very high expectations judging by how good our main was!

I hope you all have had an enjoyable evening and if you have any recommendations of any restaurants in the Lincolnshire area please get in touch! I am always open to trying new restaurants!





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