Celebratory Curry

Good evening and Happy New Year!

Christmas is well and truly over and I say this every year but I can’t believe that we are in 2016! My flatmates and I returned back to University at the start of this week because of January exams and essays to complete. On the bright side though, we received our student loans, therefore, what better way than to have a New Year Indian to start the upcoming term!

We visited our favourite Indian called ‘The Modern’ which is one of the most highly rated restaurants in Lincoln! The service is outstanding and the food is just divine! To start I had a few poppadums and a variety of sauces from Mango Chutney to a fiery chilli sauce and then for main I ordered some Chicken Saag with Pilau Rice. This is a lightly spiced spinach based dish. My flat mates and I shared each others dishes therefore I had a bit of Chicken Madras, Chicken Pasanda and  Lahore chicken! As you can tell we are all lovers of chicken!

It was my first time trying Chicken Pasanda and Lahore Chicken. The Pasanda is a rich, creamy dish cooked in a spiced yogurt that’s flavoured with toasted almonds resulting in an orange, thick and creamy sauce. It was definitely a good mediator for the heat of the Madras! The Lahore Chicken was also in a red sauce which was medium spiced with a hint of tomato but very flavoursome! After trying these, I would definitely have them again.

This Indian was the perfect celebratory meal to overcome the Christmas blues and to welcome the upcoming year. I hope you all have had an enjoyable start and I wish you all the best for 2016!




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