Christmas Leftovers: Turkey, Stuffing and Cranberry Sauce Roll

Good morning and happy new year!

I know this post is slightly late but I wanted to post one last snack that I consumed  in the hope to finish the rest of my Christmas leftovers. Also, I can’t quite believe that Christmas and New Year is over. The time has flown by this year!

I made this Turkey, Stuffing and Cranberry sauce roll the other day to satisfy my savoury and sweet cravings. You cannot have a Christmas without cranberry sauce! For the two week Christmas holiday, I have become addicted to Cranberry and have it with almost everything! Although I prefer the smooth, jam-like version that doesn’t contain the bits of cranberry in it.

The turkey and the stuffing and the sauce were leftover from our Christmas dinner. However, the brown roll was homemade and freshly baked in our bread maker! I find that homemade rolls are so much nicer than ones you have bought, especially if you eat them as they have just come out of the oven. They literally melt in your mouth! Furthermore, the smell of homemade bread is simply divine.

The Christmas sandwich is an easy, light meal or snack to make and it is perfect for eating those last leftovers. For me, the meal is elevated with the use of homemade, fresh brown bread rather than a bought roll. However, not all have the time to bake fresh bread so using shop bought rolls or bread is perfect too!

I hope you all have finally finished your Christmas leftovers and are looking forward to making 2016 the best year yet!





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