Christmas Dinner Leftovers: Homemade Apple Crumble


Another Christmas leftovers post for you all to enjoy! Although the picture doesn’t look that appetising, I promise you the crumble was delicious!

This year we didn’t have any puddings as the likelihood that we would be able to stomach it after a huge meal was not very likely. However, we did fancy a pudding later on in the evening. So, at 9:30 in the evening we made an apple crumble with the ingredients we had! The inspiration for this dish came from how my friend made her apple crumble for our Christmas dinner at University. If you would like to read this post, it is named, ‘Christmas Dinner’ and was posted a few days ago.

I didn’t have a recipe so a lot of it was guesswork. Surprisingly the result was extremely tasty and definitely satisfied our sweet cravings! Firstly, four red apples were peeled, the cores taken out and sliced into pieces making sure that the pieces were of similar size so they cooked evenly. Place in a ceramic dish the apples and sprinkle a couple of table spoons of sugar (we used brown sugar as that is the only sugar we had!). Place in a hot oven (about 180 degrees) and let the apples start cooking whilst you make the crumble mix.

For the crumble mix I did use a recipe as I didn’t know from the top of my head the measurements you needed for the flour, sugar and butter. I used an old recipe book from Delia Smith! As normal, I slightly adapted the recipe mix to suit what I had in the cupboards!

The recipe:

225 grams of wholewheat flour (I used Self Raising Flour)

75 grams of butter

75-110 grams of soft brown sugar (I used about 85 grams)

I weighed out the flour, sieved it into a bowl then added the diced butter. Then I used the rubbing in method to make a crumbly breadcrumb texture and finally added the sugar! This took me no more than ten minutes!

Once the crumble mix is done, take out the apples, pour over the crumble mix so it covers the apples evenly and then put the crumble back in the over for about 30-35 minutes.

This dessert is extremely easy to make and uses ingredients which are more than likely lying around in your kitchen, plus, the apples count as one of your five a day!

Finally, if you have any questions about how I made this crumble do not hesitate to ask!

I hope you all are enjoying your Christmas leftovers as much as I am!




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