A Library Lunch!

Good evening!

The December month is called ‘the most wonderful time of the year’ however, it isn’t quite so wonderful if you are a student. I’m sure most of you can agree that this time of year is full of stress, tears and tiredness!

The last week of term I have had deadline after deadline so I have been literally living in the library. I have found that if you’re spending long hours studying, you need lots of food to fuel that brain power! It is so convenient but very expensive to buy lunch everyday so I started pre-preparing my own lunch. This meant that I didn’t have to leave the library and it didn’t add to my daily expenditure!

As this was the last week of term, I had very little food in my cupboards but this is not to say that I couldn’t rustle up something nutritious, cheap and yummy! I simply used leftovers to make this dish and re-used a tub that I had from a previous Chinese takeaway! I used Morrison’s own pasta (about 29p), chicken thighs (Morrison’s own brand), salad tomatoes (Morrison’s own, 69p) and finally some fresh spinach.

Thighs are a lot cheaper than chicken breast and I find they stay moist even when you fry!

Firstly, I chopped the thighs into bite-sized pieces then, I lightly fried the thighs with one calorie olive oil spray and added some spices such as a touch of paprika, salt, pepper, mixed herbs and garlic! Whilst that was frying I boiled the pasta. As these were cooking, I prepped the takeaway container with a bed of spinach and cut the salad tomatoes into small pieces. Finally, I drained the pasta and added it to the bed of spinach, topped it with the cooked and seasoned chicken then finished it with a sprinkle of tomato pieces!

This dish was very quick, simple and most of all very filling! It took me about 20 minutes to put the dish together and it was so easy to eat at my desk whilst working. The small pieces of food meant I could pick whilst pondering over my essay and even better, I could eat it without getting caught by the dreaded librarian! With my lunch I also had a satsuma to give me that extra boost!

Good luck to all those with deadlines and I hope that this gives you the inspiration to try making your own lunch!

Good night and merry Christmas!





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