Lincoln Christmas Market

Good evening!

You know its getting scarily closer to Christmas when the Lincoln Christmas Market comes to the city!

This year, from Thursday 3rd December to Sunday 6th December, Lincoln’s Cathedral Quarter is taken over by more than 280 stalls. It is the second time I have attended this spectacle and once again I have been completely mesmerised by how beautiful and well crafted it is! One of the best things about the market is that there truly is something for everyone. There are a variety of stalls from unusual gifts and crafts to food and drink (which you do not normally come across). When you finally complete the treacherous climb up steep hill, you are immersed within the Christmas aroma of mulled wine, hot cider, smoky Bratwurst and sizzling hog roasts! There is just such a festive and merry feel and it really gets me excited for Christmas!

Personally, the best part of the market is definitely the range of food being sold! Last night, I tried my first Bratwurst and my first Hog Roast! Unfortunately I didn’t eat all of it to myself as I had to leave some room for the freshly made hot donuts which were on offer!

The German Bratwurst is similar to a hot dog but the sausage is real sausage meat rather than processed sausage which you normally find at regular chip shops or fast food vans. The sausage was lovely and had a real earthy and smoky taste to it! I loved the old- fashioned stalls which they were sold from and the people who worked on the stalls were all dressed up in old-fashioned German themed attire! It was lovely!

Out of the German Bratwurst and the traditional Hog Roast I would say I preferred the Hog Roast. I chose a pork, stuffing and apple sauce one! There were other meats on offer but you cannot beat the combination of pork and apple! What I couldn’t believe is that the stuffing was similar to a paste texture. I have never seen stuffing like that! Firstly, the stall workers took one half of a bread bun, spread a good size amount of the stuffing paste, added the freshly carved pork and then finished it off with adding a dollop of sweet apple sauce and the top of the roll! It was scrumptious and so easy to make! This would also be an excellent snack to have with the leftovers of your dinner this Christmas!

Unfortunately, the doughnuts are not very “christmassy” and adventurous however there are very little places which sell freshly made doughnuts these days so I couldn’t turn down the opportunity! I must say it was well worth it to walk around in the chilly weather with a bunch of warm, sugary doughnuts in your hand.

Yet again, I ran out of time to try the little sweet confectionaries such as home made fudge, and I would have loved to have a baileys hot chocolate but there are so many stalls and so many people you simply cannot go to every stall! Today is the last day for the markets this year so I won’t have time to go back. As I wasn’t able to visit all the stalls and try all the different foods and drinks on offer it makes me excited for the Lincoln Christmas Market 2016!

I hope I have inspired all of you food-lovers to visit the Lincoln Christmas Market next year!

Merry Christmas!



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