Sweet Brunch!

Good morning all!

This morning instead of having my usual porridge and banana for breakfast. I had brunch out in a beautiful café called Madame Waffle in Lincoln! It was absolutely delicious and such a treat on a Saturday morning!

Madame Waffle is a small café located in the centre of town. However, it is one of those places where you pass it all the time but do not actually notice it until someone physically shows it to you! The interior décor was simple but rustic and I was lucky enough to be seated in the secluded cellar area downstairs.

I have such a sweet tooth so I had a waffle topped with strawberries, maple syrup and icing sugar! I promise it wasn’t as sickly sweet as it sounds! I also had a pot of green tea too which balanced out the sweetness perfectly.

Furthermore, the pricing of this wasn’t too bad at all. My breakfast and tea came to approximately £6 which I think is pretty reasonable for a treat. Also, I was surprised how filling it was. I couldn’t eat a single thing until around dinner time.

This morning, I went with a close group of friends and it really is a perfect place if you want to catch up over a spot of cheap, good food and something other than a heavy fry up!

Hope you all have a pleasant Saturday.





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