A light, lunchtime snack

Good evening food lovers!

I thought I would do a post of one of my favourite lunches which I have quite often (well, if I have the ingredients in my cupboard)! I usually have a large breakfast in the morning and a large dinner but rarely have lunch. Therefore, if I am craving something at lunchtime I would have something light so it doesn’t ruin my evening meal. I tend to go for a salad or something with a piece of toast as I try to eat as little carbs as possible.

On this particular day I made smashed avocado, on a piece of wholemeal toast and a poached egg on top! I love avocado and egg together especially having a very runny yolk!

This took me under 5 minutes to prepare and cook. Firstly, I boiled water in a deep frying pan to poach the egg. You may be thinking this is strange, however, I have found that poaching eggs in this type of pan is better for extracting the egg as you don’t have to fish it out and risk breaking the yolk.

As soon as I immerse the egg in the boiled water, I start toasting the bread. I use the time it takes to lightly toast the bread as a timer for cooking a runny poached egg. (Cooking time approximately 2-3 minutes). Whilst both the egg and the toast are cooking, I mash the avocado into a bowl ready to layer onto the hot toast. Lastly, I season with a bit of salt and pepper.

Bon appetit! A healthy, light lunch which is perfect in a rush!




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